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Ishigami-san Haru Matsuri Festival (Osatsu)/ May 7th.

There is a small Shrine called "Ishigami-san" at the Shimmei Jinja Shrine. The enshirined goddess"Ishigami-san"is said to grant a wish of all female visitors who offer prayers. This legend has attracted many women and continues to do so to this day. This festival is to pray for bountiful fishing season and fulfillment of one's aspirations. On this day, men cook and treat women in appreciation for women divers who have supported the households with thier hard work.

Place Shimmei Jinja Shrine(Ishigami-san) precinct 1237 Osatsu
Contact Osatsu neighborhood association
Tel +81 599 21 6660

[Public transportation]
About 35 min. on Kamome bus for "Kuzaki" from the Toba station. Get off at "Osatsu", and walk for 7 minutes.

[By car]
About 30 min. drive (20kms) from Toba exit of Isefutami Toba line via route 167.