• Hot springs (Onsen)

    The nine hot springs along the seaside, making up the "Toba hot springs village."
    Comfortable hot springs overlooking the sea.
    Fresh delicious seafood prepared with pride at each location.
    Beautiful location with an open feeling.
    Enjoy luxurious time at the hot springs, each with its own uniqueness.

    Toba Hot Springs Organization
    Tel: +81 599 25 3019

  • Ryokan (Japanese-style hotels)

    Ryokan is a traditional Japanese accommodation facility, where meals served are also of authentic Japanese style. Most ryokans offer dinner and breakfast per night stayed, included in the price of the room (depending on the ryokan, room reservation without meals and reservation with only breakfast are possible). Often the meals are delivered to individual rooms where guests can enjoy their meals in a private setting. Most ryokans use futons (Japanese bed). (Depending on the ryokan, western style beds may be available.)

    Toba is well known as being blessed with abundant harvest from the sea and, at the ryokan, the mostly Japanese style dishes are prepared using local ingredients. In addition, many ryokans have hot spring on site. Please relax your body in the hot springs and enjoy delicious seafood of Toba.

  • Hotels

    Western style hotels are available. Depending on the hotel, room reservation without meals is available. Some hotels also have hot springs on site and serve meals with abundant seafood. The meals are served at restaurants in the hotel.

  • Minshuku (inn)

    Minshuku are accommodation facilities of smaller scale than hotels or ryokan, that have fewer rooms and offer a more cozy atmosphere. The meals, like ryokan, are prepared with fresh seafood.