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Mikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island is well known as the place where Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in pearl cultivation for the first time in the world.
As of present, highlights include demonstration by woman divers and the Pearl Museum, and there are many visitors from many foreign countries.

Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in pearl farming for the first time in the world in Ainoshima (existing Mikimoto Pearl Island) in 1893. It opened to the public as a tourist facility in 1951. Pearl bridge was completed in 1970. Pearl Museum, where you can learn all about pearls, was established in 1985. Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial honoring his great achievement was established in 1993.

Kokichi Mikimoto was born as the first son of a noodle restraunt ""Awakou""of Toba and died at 96 years old on september 21, 1954. In the Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial, Mikimoto's life full of hardships and achievements is depicted through many photographs, objects, and explanation panels.

There are the mementos such as the restoration of the birthplace""Awakou"", diorama depicting the state of Toba of during his time, and various collections that reflect his philosophy and way of life.

He recognized the charm of pearls which was the speciality of Shima region while he was involved in various commercial business. He first began trying to cultivate pearl oysters, and then to cultivate pearls through countless trial and errors. While expanding the business by opening a shop in the Ginza, Tokyo, Kokichi preferred to remain in his birthplace and devote himself to the promotion of Ise-Shima region where he was born and brought up. He often invited his guests to Pearl Island and his home in Shima province. His wished to create parks throughout Japan is reflected as the Ise-Shima National Park, established after World War II. The story of Kokichi Mikimoto's eventful life has been passed from generation to generation as a strong-willed man who established the pearl industry in Japan and who demonstrated marked individuality.

Address 1-7-1 Toba city,Mie prefecture
Tel +81 599 25 2028
Fax +81 599 26 2139
Access [Public transportion] about 5 minutes walk from Toba station
Closed:Open 3 days starting from the second Tuesday in December
Open 8:30~17:00 (1/1~3/31・11/1~11/30)
8:30~17:30 (4/1~10/31)
9:00~16:30 (12/1~12/31)
Admission fee Adults 1500yen
child (elementary.junior highschool) 750yen
An experience menu Silver jewelry studio
Experience silver jewelry making.
Barrier-free access
wheelchair rental, admission fee discount, restrooms and elevators accessible by wheelchair.